Get to Know Tyler Schrenk

Tyler Schrenk, based outside of Seattle, Washington, is the President of the TSF Foundation and the owner of Assistive Tech Consulting. Through both his business and non-profit organization, Tyler works to provide individuals with disabilities the technology they need to live a fuller, more independent life. Unlike many other assistive technology providers, Tyler Schrenk understands what the challenges people with disabilities face because he himself needs and uses the same technology he provides them. 

Smart home automation, smart home/ assistive technology consultations and WA DSHS contractor; helping WA residents use a free $550 benefit for individuals with disabilities

His presentation tells his inspiring story, from a vital young adult, through the injury to a renaissance as a leader in helping others find a new will to live through the aid of devices that give severely disabled people independence they never dreamed possible.

The Tyler Schrenk Foundation is a Washington based 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to improving lives through the promotion and distribution of assistive technologies (AT).

On February 12, 2012, Tyler Schrenk dove off a dock into the shallow waters of Lake Washington. He emerged from the water a new man, suffering a life-changing spinal cord injury that left him quadripeligic. Prior to his injury, Tyler was much like others his age—obsessed with sports and the valor they brought. He had once been a top athlete in baseball and the captain of his high school’s golf team. The accident, which by all rights should have been fatal, left him alive but essentially killed his hopes and dreams. 

Through intense rehabilitation, Tyler Schrenk learned to breathe again on his own, but the breakthrough was the only form of independence he knew. For almost two years following his injury, Tyler Schrenk sunk into despondency. He was disheartened and depressed by his daily routine, which consisted of eating and watching TV. One day, though, his church’s deacon suggested Tyler look into using a Microsoft Surface tablet with voice command.

You see, Tyler had never been too focused on his academics; he received good grades in school and in college, but didn’t ever strive to learn more or to flex his brain. The introduction of the tablet into his life gave him an epiphany: all he needed to achieve more independence was to rely on his brain and discover how he could use technology to provide the life he wanted. And, suddenly, Tyler Schrenk had found a mission, a business, and a new way of looking at the world. 

Now, Tyler Schrenk leads a groundbreaking non-profit organization, The TSF Foundation, and has recently founded his own business to help provide others with assistive technology. His insight into the world of assistive technology is sought out by companies like Microsoft, who seek his input on the accessibility of new apps and updates.

In the coming months, Tyler will earn the Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) certification from the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). He is also currently studying for the Resna certification, an advanced and prestigious certification for those working in assistive technology that requires 6,000 hours of field work. 

Tyler Schrenk is constantly working to learn more and do more for those facing life-altering injuries. His story is one of hope and new beginnings, a lesson which he hopes to impart on all of the lives he comes across. For more information on Tyler Schrenk, as well as The TSF Foundation and his business, be sure to check out his various websites and his blog.