The Amazon Echo is one of the most popular virtual assistants on the market. Amazon has a large reach, and thus, the Echo has tons of capabilities, from self-contained skills to integration with third-party devices. When it comes to Assistive Technology, the Amazon Echo line of products can be a lifesaver, with so many possibilities in one small device. Since there are so many different uses for the Echo, let’s take a look at some ways it can be helpful for those with disabilities.

Voice-Activated Daily Tasks

The Amazon Echo has tons of options you would find on just about any smartphone, which makes it a great replacement for someone who is unable to use an iPhone or Android. For example, you can check the weather, make calls, set timers, and more. You can even dictate SMS if you have an Android phone that is paired. Many people rely on smartphones for their day-to-day activities, so the similarities found in an Amazon Echo make it a good alternative.

Control Appliances Easily

With the Amazon Echo, you can control several different appliances just by speaking. One of the most common paired products is the Philips Hue Hub, which can connect dozens of Philips Hue bulbs to your Alexa-enabled device. These bulbs have millions of colors programmed in, so you can change the ambience easily. You can also set timers or even enable a wake up light, if you don’t want to manually turn the lights on and off.

A different product you could try is the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier. This product works as a purifier and a fan, and the larger model also works as a heater. You can connect the Dyson to the Amazon Echo for hands-off control.

Consistent New Skills

It would not be fair to talk about the Amazon Echo without putting emphasis on the ease with which people can build new skills for it. There are over 100,000 skills to choose from, some with functional capabilities and some for fun. However, Amazon provides guides to help people easily build any skill they want. This means that the value will continue to grow for people with disabilities, as new companies and individuals create new useful skills.

Although it can seem like an investment up-front, the Amazon Echo line of products is a great piece of Assistive Tech for anyone, regardless of their needs. The learning curve is minimal, and new skills are being developed all the time, which means this is a tool you can use for many years to come.