Tyler on Life After Paralysis

Tyler on Life (Un)Closeted

Tyler’s Webinars

Tyler wa joined by Kiran Kaja from Google

Tyler was joined by Kiran Kaja, Search and Assistance Accessibility Lead (and AT User!) fro Google. They discussed, showcased and did a live Q&A on how Google products can provide greater independence.

Also Kiran provided excellent advice on getting hired as a disabled individual!

Adaptive Gaming

Tyler was joined live by Kaitlyn Jones OT from Warfighter Engaged and Brannon Zahand Program Manager Xbox Accessibility showcasing the Microsoft adaptive controller. We will did a live installation and discussion of a adaptive gaming set up followed by questions and answers from you our honored guests!


Adaptive wheelchair mounts with RAM Mounts

Discussion, Demonstration and live Q&A on all of the accessible wheelchair and bed mounts RAM has available.